Avoid These Nasty Complications of Stage 3 Burns


Injuries are highly likely, although avoidable, at any age. Individuals in senior care in California are prone to injuries like slips, falls, and burns. Of the three, burn injuries are sustained when the elder attempt to cook in the kitchen.

Prevention is better than cure. Before seeking out skilled nursing to help you care for wounds and burns, make sure the house is safe for your elders first.

Burns are nasty. There are three degrees of burn injuries, and third-degree burns are the most damaging to the skin. Also, these burns expose the inner layers of the skin to various elements.
Hence, these injuries are the most prone to complications as well.

What are the most common complications that arise after a third-degree burn? Here are a few:

  • Sepsis
    Sepsis occurs when an existing infection in the body worsens and spreads out. The body then attempts to contain the bacterial spread by releasing chemicals through the immune system. This action, however, leads to severe inflammation and organ damage.
  • Tetanus
    One of the bacteria that can enter the body through an open burn is the clostridium tetani, the culprit behind tetanus. Tetanus can cause involuntary muscle contractions and lockjaw, among others.
  • Hypothermia and hypovolemia
    Hypothermia is an extreme drop in body temperature caused by an open burn. On the other hand, hypovolemia is a dangerously low blood volume due to bleeding from the injury.
  • Burns must be cleaned right away and dressed immediately. Bring the victim to a physician as soon as possible after the injury.

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