Factors That Raise and Lower Your Blood Glucose


Monitoring your blood sugar levels is an essential task when living with diabetes. Different factors may affect your blood glucose levels from going too high to going too low. As a provider of home health care in Los Angeles, California we help our diabetic patients keep watch of their blood sugar levels.

Here are some of the factors that may raise or lower your blood sugar:

  • Physical activity
    The effect of physical activity may vary depending on when you exercise, what part of the body, and how often. Sugar levels can initially rise with a short burst of activity. If you exercise a muscle near where you were last injected with insulin, it may be absorbed by the body more quickly.
  • Food and beverages
    Proteins and carbohydrates may raise your blood sugar levels. Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol may make your blood sugar rise, but drinking it in excess may make it drop to dangerous levels.
  • Illness
    Your blood sugar may rise as your body tries to fight an illness or infection.
  • Medication
    Depending on the medication, it may raise or lower your blood sugar levels.

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