What to Expect From Strength Training


Strength training is essential, especially for older adults. Compared to the usual cardio exercise that burns fat, strength training incorporates the use of weights to help preserve muscle. This is crucial as we lose a percentage of muscle as we age. As a provider of senior care in California we recommend strength training to build more muscle and protect against injury.

Here are some things to expect from strength training:

  • Burning more fat and losing weight
    Although you may lose belly fat with cardio, you lose more calories as you build muscle.
  • Protecting the bones
    Strength training can help you build bone mineral density making your bones stronger and healthier.
  • Boosting your mood and managing stress
    Strength training is a great way to release some tension and release endorphins (hormones that boost your mood)
  • Reducing back pain
    Strength training gets rid of muscular imbalances and instability that cause back pain.
  • Improving your brain and memory health
    As you move, your body pumps oxygen-rich blood to the brain that helps with brain function

Are you interested in strength training within the comfort of your own home? We at Silver Star Home Health, Inc. can help get you started. We are a provider of home health care in Los Angeles, California.

Our other services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, home health aides, and others.

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