Who Can Benefit from Skilled Nursing?

Who Can Benefit from Skilled Nursing?

If you have started researching professional care options for your senior loved one at home, then nine out of ten, you would have encountered skilled nursing as one of the more common services offered.

But how do you know if the service is right for your senior loved one’s needs?

To be clear, you can easily get an assessment from a potential provider of senior care services in Los Angeles and Orange County or elsewhere in the surrounding area to know for sure, but at this stage, you may not be ready to commit to any provider and simply want to see what your options are.

Thus, to help you decide, we have listed down some of the situations that would require skilled nursing:

  • Your senior loved one needs around-the-clock care from nursing professionals.
  • Your senior loved one would benefit from assistance with daily activities.
  • Your senior loved one requires specialized therapy such as physical therapy to improve mobility and restore function, among others, or speech therapy to help with communication, etc.

We hope the above list gave you a bit of clarity. For more content like this, please consider bookmarking our website. You may also enlist our help directly as we offer this service at our very own home health care agency out of Los Angeles, California, at Silver Star Home Health, Inc.

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