Home Health Care Isn’t Just for Seniors

home-health-care-isnt-just-for-seniorsMany people think of Home Health Care in Los Angeles, California as being a resource for their senior loved ones. However, our help is available for almost anyone who needs it. Whether recuperating from a hospital stay or coping with a long-term disability, home health care services can provide independence and trusted help when you need it.

Home care is indeed a service available for individuals who have serious medical conditions or challenging needs, but this is not necessarily only a matter for Senior Care in California. Home health care can benefit individuals with all types of needs. In fact, we serve the senior, disabled, and medically fragile population in the community. Specifically, home health care is great for anyone who:

  • Is seeking to shorten a hospital or nursing homestay.
  • Is returning home after an illness or injury and having not reached your former health or ability.
  • Is a recipient for Skilled Nursing, one-on-one teaching about medications, diet, or health regimen.
  • Has a condition with a likelihood of worsening, and nursing observation could help.
  • Has leg weakness or gait present a likelihood of a fall or injury.

Many of the services you would otherwise receive in a hospital or nursing home are also available to you in your own residence. When it comes to your loved ones, you only want the best for them. That’s why when they choose to stay at home, Silver Star Home Health, Inc. is here to make sure they are safe and comfortable. Contact us to know how we can be of assistance to you.

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