Burn and Wound Treatment and Management


When doctors get burn patients seeking treatment, they often assess the severity of the burn by examining their skin. Depending on the results of their assessment, the patient could be referred to a burn center if it’s severe enough.

Serious burns like burns that are too deep, involving hands, feet, face, major joints, or large areas of the body often require medical care from a team of skin specialists, burn specialists, and surgeons. The burn patient may need to undergo surgery for skin grafts to cover large wounds or maintain one’s mobility.

The goal of burn treatment is to control pain, remove dead tissue to prevent infection, reduce scarring, and regain bodily functions. Having a professional home health care in Los Angeles, California can provide support both physical and emotional as the patient goes through recovery.

Coping with a serious injury is challenging and potential scarring may contribute to reduced mobility adds to the burden and mental and emotional stress. That’s why it is important that appropriate wound management is applied with the help of a skilled nursing professional as well as undergo physical and occupational therapy to recover bodily functions.

For minor burns, treatment can be done at home, and they usually heal in a couple of weeks by using topical creams and anti-inflammatory creams as advised by their doctors.

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