Enteral Nutrition to Support Senior Health


The nutrients that enter our body principally come from the food we eat. These foods supply us with the energy we need throughout the day to function well in our tasks. However, some people are unable to feed, especially those who have swallowing or esophageal concerns. Seniors with disabilities must get the proper nutrition, and that is why providers of Senior Care in California find ways to supply them with nourishment.

Enteral feeding helps people to consume liquid food through tubes. This type of feeding passes directly to the gastrointestinal tract, so the body still absorbs food naturally. Although, people with issues with the digestive system and the like cannot utilize this method. They may opt to get parenteral nutrition instead.

Individuals may receive enteral nutrition at home and may get Skilled Nursing services when their primary carers have little to no knowledge. An expert can guide you learn the process.

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