Gait Correction: An Essential Training for Seniors

Gait Correction: An Essential Training for Seniors

Issues with mobility among seniors are quite common and the frequent solution for your own senior loved ones is to get mobility assistive devices, including canes and walkers to help them move around.

However, as the community’s trusted provider of senior care in Los Angeles and Orange County we say a more sustainable option is possible with gait training, a type of physical therapy that can improve your senior loved ones’ ability to stand and walk in the long-term and lowers their risk of falls.

We offer gait training along with our skilled nursing and other home health care services at Silver Star Home Health, Inc. of Los Angeles, California, so we know the benefits this can provide your seniors. Here are some of them:

  • Gait training can help strengthen your senior’s muscles and joints
  • Gait training can improve your senior loved one’s balance and posture
  • Gait training can build your senior loved one’s endurance
  • Gait training can promote muscle memory by retraining your senior loved one’s repetitive motion
  • Gait training can lower your senior loved one’s risk of falls

Let us help your seniors gain independence once more. Enlist our home health care agency today!

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