The Vital Role of Home Health Aides in Dementia Care


Skilled nursing is, without doubt, very crucial when caring for patients with dementia like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. We all understand that nurses are the only ones qualified, aside from physicians, to administer treatments like IV infusion and wound care, among others.

Still, we should discount the role played by home health aides in senior care in California, especially in caring for patients suffering from degenerative brain diseases. While doctors and nurses provide vital medical care for these people, home health aides play a more intimate role that is otherwise still important to senior care.

For instance, patients with dementia in their later stages require 24/7 care. They need assistance with mobility, homemaking tasks, and personal hygiene. People with late-stage Parkinson’s, for instance, suffer stiff muscles and could not move on their own. At this point, they require somebody to assist them all of the time, and that somebody is a home health aide.

Also, dementia patients may require medical care at times that the family is least expecting them to. A home health aide acts as a front-line responder. While they cannot render the kind of care nurses and doctors can do, they can call emergency services immediately to ensure a prompt response.

Last but not least, home health aides or caregivers help to ensure the patient’s emotional well-being by acting as a trusted companion and confidante.

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