Tips to Help Your Senior Have a Safer Home


Aging brings many things to our senior loved ones—wisdom that can only be gained through age and, unfortunately, mobility limitations, too, that increases their risk for falls due to the natural slowing down of many of our bodily processes.

As any skilled nursing provider would tell you, however, there is an easy and proactive way to help decrease these risks—through home improvement.

We know this too well as a provider of senior care in California at Silver Star Home Health, Inc. that is why we are sharing some of the changes you can do to make their environment safer for them. These include:

  • Removing tripping hazards such as extension wires, stray shoes, books, and more.
  • Putting up grab and handle bars in the bathroom and other frequented areas.
  • Installing railings in the stairs to make moving up and down safer and easier.
  • Replacing their rugs with non-slip mats in the bathroom and other slippery areas in the house.
  • Lighting up the darker areas of their house.
  • Identifying hazards in the home such as expired items, cleaning chemicals, open outlets, and more, and cover or dispose of them properly.
  • Not sure how you can go about this? Don’t hesitate to enlist our help! Our home health care in Los Angeles, California is more than willing to assist your senior loved one’s home more senior-friendly.

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