Wound Care Do’s and Don’ts to Remember


Knowing how to properly take care of wounds is a crucial life skill, especially when you have a senior loved one at home or a family member with a weakened immune system that makes them vulnerable to developing infections.

Begin by learning your basic do’s and don’ts. As your trusted provider of home health care in Los Angeles, California at Silver Star Home Health, Inc., let us list down some of what you must know to hasten wound healing.

  • Some do’s to bear in mind:
    • Do use running water and mild soap in cleaning the wound
    • Do check the wound from time to time to check for signs of infection
    • Do use petroleum jelly to cover an opened wound
    • Do consult a doctor immediately at the first signs of infection
  • Some don’ts to remember:
    • Do not douse an opened wound with alcohol or iodine. Per our skilled nursing providers, this can cause damage tissue and may even slow down the healing process.
    • Do not pick or scratch the wound
    • Do not apply cosmetic products to the wound to avoid irritating it
    • Do not wait until the wound has gone seriously infected before seeing a doctor

We hope these helped! For more like these, be sure to check back.

For assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our senior care in California can help with your elderly loved one’s wound care and other home care needs.

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